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With You Every Step of the Way


Whether you have experienced therapy in the past or this is your first time, it can be daunting to tell someone new what is going on in your mind. I'll make this process as comfortable as possible. I'll provide a judgement-free and safe space to work through any issues you bring to me. 

Your investment is $125.00 per 55 minute session. 


EMDR is a type of therapy known to help anyone who has experienced trauma or adverse experiences at any point in life causing a struggle in day-to-day life. EMDR is done through bilateral stimulation like tapping and is a way your brain can heal itself! This is a highly effective and evidence-based treatment that can help you move into the present and be your best self. 

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Adding a tiny human to your family is a huge change! Roles change, frustrations increase, sleep can and will decrease. Communication and education can help during this time. You may be at risk for postpartum anxiety or depression, and your partner is too! Your partner is welcome to join a session based on your comfort level to help support your relationship and better understand the demands of a new baby.

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